Strategic School Funding for Results

Advisory Group

Susanna Cooper, Principal Consultant for CA Senate Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg

Stephen Frank, Director of Rethinking School and School System Resources, Education Resource Strategies

Kenneth Hall, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, School Services of California, Inc. & Founding Director, USC School Business Management Program


Henry M. Levin, William H Kilpatrick Professor of Economics & Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

Rick Miller, Senior Partner, California Education Partners & Partner, Capitol Impact LLC

Warren Simmons, Executive Director, Annenberg Institute for School Reform

Project Leadership


Dr. Jay G. Chambers
SSFR Co-Principal Investigator

Senior Research Fellow and a Managing Director
American Institutes for Research


Dr. Jesse D. Levin
SSFR Director of Research

Senior Research Economist
American Institutes for Research


Dr. Merrill Vargo
SSFR Co-Principal Investigator

Executive Director
Pivot Learning Partners 


Mr. Steve Jubb
Project Director, Pivot Team

Director of Innovation & District Redesign
Pivot Learning Partners 


Mr. James R. Brown
Senior Advisor to the Project

Pivot Learning Partners 

Project Team (Key Members)

School Districts


Los Angeles Unified School District:

William Bass
Transparent Budgeting, Program and Policy Development Advisor

John Deasy

Matt Hill
Administrative Officer, Superintendent’s Office


Twin Rivers Unified School District:

Mahala Archer
SSFR project manager

Frank Porter
District Superintendent


Pasadena Unified School District:*

Edwin Diaz
District Superintendent

Dierk Esseln
Budget Director

John Pappalardo
Chief Financial Officer

*SSFR activities in PUSD are currently on hold (For more information, please read this press release).

American Institutes for Research (AIR)


Dr. Jesse D. Levin
Director of the SSFR Evaluation and Task Leader


Diana Epstein
AIR Task Leader - Surveys & Interviews of District Staff


Kevin Lane
Project Research Assistant



Jason Willis 
TRM budget process 

Aaron Sokol
Budget process redesign 

Pivot Learning Partners

Pivot Leadership Team:


Merrill Vargo
Project Co-Principal Investigator, State Policy


Steve Jubb
Implementation Project Director/LAUSD Site Lead


Jim Brown
Senior Advisor



Pivot-Based, Cross-District Support Team:


Cristin Quealy
PLP Project Manager, TRUSD Support


Jim Hollis
Data Tools Designer and Developer, TRUSD PBAR UCD


Amy Dabrowski
Knowledge Management and Research


Brentt Brown


Jee Song
SSFR Project Assistant


LAUSD Embedded Project Team: 


Denise Petrulis
User-Centered Design

Beth Marco
Principal Training and Development



Ray Tolleson
Executive Coach for Twin Rivers Unified School District (TRUSD)